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Listening Lightly, Learning Out Loudly: Thinking Out Loud, Actually.

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Listening Lightly, Learning Out Loudly: Thinking Out Loud, Actually.
Webrecording: Weeks Five & Six
Filtering Original Signal Into New Noise?
It Can’T Happen Here/It Can Happen Here/It Has Already Happened Here/You Ain’T Seen Nuthin’ Yet
Filtering Applied To #Unboundeq
Attention Must Be Paid
Empty Day After Market Day
Raising Public Hell By Reflecting Out Loud
Luck, Thick And Thin
Eight Thresholds But Who’S Counting: Some Homago On The Routine Liminal Margins In Browsing
The Four Filters: Toward Stronger Signals And Less Noise
Open Question About Open Pedagogy: Do We Have A Duty To Build A Consensus For Action?
Parents Are Spending Twice As Much On Their Adult Kids As Retirement
Rise Up, Singing, With Popcorn
Rise Up, Singing!
Applying To Be A Digital Pedagogue. Will I Be A Binary Fellow?
Tacit Knowing: Local Knowledge And Local Kludges
Singing In The Sky Blue Sky: A Mashup
Feldgangs 4 All: Walks In The Pastures Of Attention
Digital Writing Identity: Digiwridentity
Dots, Circles, Wirearchies, And Lodestones In #Modigiwri
Crosspollination: Iphone + Wordsnag App + Makeagif
Let The Adjacency Begin: Myob, Brightsiders!
Archiving: Duty Or Gift Or More?
Archiving Simplified
Hypernormalisation & Its Discontents
Old Testament Smackdown: Psalms And Vanity
The Spaghetti Of Words
Filter Signal Until It Becomes Noise: Google Alerts As Rss Channel
Off Kilter: Annotation At The Atomic Level
How I Aspire On My Birthday
To What End Other Than To Play In The Fields Of The World
“Innotation” V. Annotation
My World & Welcome To It
What Are You Taking For Granted?
Garden Catalog Field Walk: Two Spaces (Static And Dynamic)
Do You Know How To…
Using Webrecordings To Spark Classroom Discussion A La “Seek-Sense-Share”
Let Go. Explore.
Alchemy Everywhere Via Netnarr Transmogrification
Epiphany | Apopheny | Whatev-Eny
So Many Guns, So Much Fear, I Wonder Where The Love Has Gone
Teachers As First Responders With Guns
Using A Pretty Pen And Pencil As A Lever And My Mind As A Fulcrum To The Text: Theoria (Thinking), Poiesis (Making), & Praxis (Doing)
Making Your Mark. “X” Marks The Start.
The Story Of Life: Sample Of One Then Sample Of None
Inner Affinity Spaces And Outer ‘Affinings’
In This Space, Affinity Lives!
A Shepherd’S Keep
Close Reading Of Another Kind. May The Gutenberg Parenthesis Blessed Be Upon Thee.
Thanks To The Unthanked
Reading Mike Rose, Lives On The Boundaries
Lambing Time
I Am A Plum Tree
Tweaking In The Classroom
Nudging Myself Toward The Brave New Online World
Scutoid: A Geometric Building Block Of Life
The Gut Microbiome: +18 New Citations
Gut Microbiome; +18 New Citations
Deadly Skin-Eating Fungal Disease Wipes Out 90 Amphibian Species In 50 Years
Jisun Kim Experiments With Net And Expanding Foam To Create Unique Furniture Pieces
You Can’T Dance Anymore With Them What Brung Ya
Book Walks In The Field Of Infinite Play
More Bookwalks With Maria Popova
Cedar Sink Sprung
Prophecy: None Will Sing In The Silent Spring.
Feldgang #4: Figuring
Neither The Spider Nor The Leaf Has Planned For Each Other
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down…
Poetry Out Loud Winner: Isabella Callery
Undoing The Doomloops
More From The Art Of Is
A View From Above The Field
Dontcha Know…
The Ultimate Crossover: Life, Lit, Home, Hearth
Nominally Anomalous
Five Minute Revery
Algorithm Or Humanrhythm?
Fun With Diigo’S Screenshot Tool
Ashes, Ashes, And What Is Evoked
Two Ways Of Noticing The World
Poe On The Proliferation Of Books
Mr. Berry Sings My Hope To The World
It Lives!
Splashing With Sound In The Baby Pool
Small Blog Culture: Maybe…Maybe My Voice Is My Own And Only My Own
Hypothes.Is: Seek, Make Sense, Share
Turn Over That Rock
Mind As Infinite Feldgang
Play Infinite Feldgang Gif With The Dread Pirate Tellio
Infinite Games
Feldganging The Liminal Entanglement
Who Am I? Am I Only What I Do?
Cosmos 2 Cosmos
Building New Learning With New Language: Feldgangs, Wirearchy, Connected Learning:
Heresy From The Marketing World? Maybe…
Dear J…
Digital Cassandra
Five Easy Pieces Loosely Joined: Feedback Creating Content
Hopeless In The Margins
Poems Descending Like Hummingbirds To A Bath
Night Hark
Life Spent Looking Out From Shifting Ground
Chooseth Thine Own Poemventure
Black Electric Universe
Ten Words. In My Wallet.
I Finally Get Magnetic Poetry
This Butterscotch Pudding Has A Secret Ingredient That’S 10/10 Fall
Journalist’S Toolbox Retweeted: The 7 Types Of Mis- And Disinformation Help Us To Understand The Complexity Of Information Disorder. Read More: Https://T.Co/Gn7sjf46rj
A Call To Action: We Need The Right Incentives To Guide Ethical Innovation In Neurotech And Healthcare
Google Is About To Get A Lot Better At Understanding Your Search Queries
Question Time
Anti-Deoppre-Pressants: A Mediapoem With Communal Ending
My Work Of Late: Acue
Call And Response Until We Are Done
Serve. Surrender.
A Twisted Pair: Co-Axial
How Effed Are We? What Mean We?
Considering Gratitude As A Soapbox Derby
Where The Shadows Sing Loudest, The Light Springs Sweetest
Still Hurting, Still Alive, Not Still Yet
A Symposium For John Perry Barlow
Why The Afghanistan Papers Are An Eerie Reminder Of Vietnam
Do The “Fruitcake” With Fred Schneider & The Superions
Nancy Pelosi: If She Ran For President, She’D Beat Trump.
Tonight Everybody’S Getting Their Angel Wings
Afghanistan And All That
Pink Erasure Spoors And Worn Out Ink Ribbons
Less Data, More Freire.
New Year’S Poem: 2020
A Zeega To Start The Year
Sitting On A Porch Swing At A Hills And Hollars Farm On Rocky Hill Road, Near Bonnieville, Kentucky At 7:02 Central Time On My 65th Birthday
The Madlib-Ification Of James Wright
Backcasting? Presencing? Reverse Engineering A Vision Of The Future
Crossing The Streams: Danger! High Voltage!
Image + Text > Every Little Thing: A Neo-Rhetoric
Spirited Away By Our Katsura
#Rhizo Hashtaggery: Mike Caulfield’S “Walkthrough” Walkthrough
What To Do? I Know What To Do? Do You?
All Y’All And You’Uns
#Poemresponse For #Clmooc
What To Do When A Sublime Generosity Is Moving Toward You: Make Rituals
David Weinberger To Bryan Alexander To Tellio To You: Triple Play!
Lamb-Time In The Commonwealth
As Ever…
These Define Me. And You?
Unbidden, Given: Tweet Thread & Zeega
Secrets You Need To Share
Wait For Me
The Shaker Threshold
Poetry In Plague Time
Screencasts And Lamb Bottles
Online During Plague-Time
Just Another Shitty Troubadour
Lamentations For Teachers And For Us All
The Infinitely Adaptable Learner
Virtue Flags Fly
The Ludic Shuffle: A Lesson Learned From John Prine
What I Knew Then? What I Know Now? No Thing.
Cadging Poetry Wherever You Will In April
America Isn’T Just A Failing State, It Is A Failed Experiment
Gaia & Pan On The Farm
Gaia Cool
Skoolz Out! Commence Anew!
Grey. Dark. Clear. Still.
What Now? Or Now What?
Kid Mojo Rising
Bread On The Waters: Poems In Repose And Poems In Action
First Draft Toward Transforming A Blog Post Into A Certification
“Blue Skies, Sky Blue Sky”
Solastalgia: The Loss Of Solace In Places
An Elegy For John Brittain, Our Nut Tree Man On The Nolin River
One Big, Dumb Boy
A History Of Grieving
Creating My Own Roadmap By Reading Out Loud
What If…?
You’Re Only As Good As Your Networks | Let Your Networks Filter You
Daisychaining Reality From Now Into The Future
Q: Learning? A: Turning Down The Noise Of The Random
Pan’S Hour
Breadcrumb Mastery
Two For One: Standard Ebooks And Wakelet
Blindspots? Get Over It.
Feedforward: Interview Questions For Plague Time
Just Enough To Remediate The World
Curiosity Never Killed No Cat Ever
Online? Interact.
Connect! Students | Colleagues | Learners All!
Revenge Effects: An Excerpt From Why Things Bite Back: Technology And The Revenge Of Unintended Consequences
Robin Sloan’S New Crowdsourced And Serialized Fiction Rox!
A Continuous Harmony And The Uninvited Guest
Inspired By My Last Post
Hope And Discipline Cycles And Atones And Reconciles And Recurs And Relinquishes And More
How To Read My Poetry
Add Some Zest To Your Blog? Yes!
Google Is Just Not That Into You: It’S All About The Money, Lebowski
Workflow: Pablo To Twitter To Remix To Wordpress
Desire Paths | Lines Of Flight
Attitudes Over Aptitudes Or Attitudes Are Aptitudes
Desire Paths, Legibility, And Minimally Viable Complex Systems (Or How Not To Apply For A Job)
The Wisdom Of Isaac Babel & Bart Simpson
Scott’S Illegibility/Legibility Dilemma Remixed
A Prayer
My World And Welcome To It–Ambient Edition
The Ratio Of Cakes To Haitians
Up Against The Wall All Y’All Sociopaths
Homo Fidelis: I Believe
Inflatable American Christmas: Short, Angsty, And Commonplace
Flash As In Mob Or Drive? No, Flash As In Game. Dance Your Last Flash Dance Here Now.
Place-Based Learning And The Big Here
C0vid19: A Fever Fantasy
A Fever Fantasy
Empathy Makes The World
Bike Into E-Bike, Likkity Split
God Help Us: Eduployment
The Road To Hell Was Built On Credible Assumptions
Deep Into The Semester
You Never Know: Epistemelogicallllllly, That Is
Using A Bot To Write A 55-Word Story
Copy.Ai And How To Teach A Bot To Be A Hater
And Let Us Now Praise Profane Men And Women…
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Two Ways To Create A Youtube Video From A Voicememo
Muse Matters
The Shimmer
The Real Work
The Starting Line For The Infinite Game
In The Still Between Lightning And Thunder
Paper Bags
Impedagogies: A Brave New Milieu
Eternal Blue
Fresh From The Feeds June 19, 2021 At 05:51am
Mucking About On My First Day Of Retirement
The Future As Ritual
Too True
The Infinite Ox-Bow Of Nothing: If Nobody’S Watching, Your Work Is Nada
The Power Of Place, Even Digital Place
Nothing Hidden This Way Comes
Hospitality And Learning: A Useful Mental And Ethical Model
Hunters Gotta Kill…Everything That Moves
What Makes You Think Gaia Won’T Cut You?
Another Turn Of The Crank And A Thunk Of The Loom
The Defibrillation Of Jalynn Harris’S Poem, “The Life Of A Writer”
Capricorn’S Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19): A Call And Response
Crickets Foresee.
Video Ai Augmented Version Of “Anticipation Is Not The Same As Hope”
Mad Poets All Around
On Taking The Time To Sound Like Yourself


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