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Learning Record Store (Downes-Shelly Blake-Plock Conversation) E-Learning 3.0
Downes-Siemens Discussion (E-Learning 3.0) 17.10.2018
Where Do Trees Come From? Graphs!
Id Graph, E-Learning 3.0/ 1st Draft
Why Web 3.0?
Thoughts On Web 3.0 (E-Learning 3.0)
Knowledge As Recognition (E-Learning 3.0)
Meraki/ Μεράκι (E-Learning 3.0)
Community (E-Learning 3.0)
Distributed Consensus

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Bruno Latour
The Network Zoo By Fjodor Van Veen
Where do trees come from? Graphs! | connecting data to information to knowledge
Learning Record Store (Downes-Shelly Blake-Plock Conversation) E-Learning 3.0
Existential Intelligence
Networks As Predictive Tools
Media Architecture Prize (Map) In Hungary: Jury Results-Nominees
How To Build A Learning City? Unesco Institute For Lifelong Learning
Downes-Siemens Discussion (E-Learning 3.0) 17.10.2018
The Sulp Approach
14th Media Architectural Prize, Jury Duty
Identity, Personality & Agency (E-Learning 3.0)
ID Graph, E-Learning 3.0/ 1st draft | connecting data to information to knowledge
Why Web 3.0? | connecting data to information to knowledge
Thoughts on Web 3.0 (E-Learning 3.0) | connecting data to information to knowledge
Knowledge as Recognition (E-Learning 3.0) | connecting data to information to knowledge
Paper Cities
Distributed Consensus | connecting data to information to knowledge
Community (E-Learning 3.0) | connecting data to information to knowledge
meraki/ μεράκι (E-Learning 3.0) | connecting data to information to knowledge
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Opening Up Design Studio Education Using Blended And Networked Formats, Springer (Open Access)
Resources For Community (E-Learning 3.0)
Asimov’S Prophecy
Intro To Rhizomatic Learing
Ubiquitous Commons
Three Generations Of Infoscapes
Islais Project By One Architecture
The Hackable City
Revolutionary Learning
Architecture Landscape Archaeology (Ala) New Erasmus Joint Master Programme
Circular Cities
No Title
Student Resistance To Curriculum Changes
The ‘Metamorphology’ Approach
Algorithmic Ethics
Park Slope Food Coop
Bbc Series On Italy’S Invisible Cities
Delhaize Store In Brussels Grows Its Own Vegetables
6 Truths Of Effective Teachers
Storm King Art Center
“Networked Learning Communities–The Benefits For Continuing Professional Developmentof Virtual Learning Environment Teachers”A Critical Literature Review By Chris O Tool
Literature Data Mining
Viva Day
All’S Well That Ends Well
Systems V Networks
Impact Hub Event
Theoretical Research/ Model Design Methodology Graph
“My Story” Project
2019 Acsa/Eaae Teachers Conference In Antwerp, Belgium
Aae 2019: Learning Through Practice
Thesis Full Text Freely Available On Ndc Site
The Circular Kitchen @Pakhuis De Zwijger
Allokataplixis: The Wonder Of The Other Or Otherness
The ‘Abrazo’ (Embrace) Ideology
The Online Educator
The Online Educator (Part Ii)
“The Idea Of Becoming Is Essential,” Says Philosopher And Humanist, Rosi Braidotti
The Digital Matatus Project (Digitalmatatus.Com)
What Education Will Look Like In 2030
Information Intake Vs. Information Embodiment
Architecture Education Declares Open Letter To The Architectural Community: A Call For Curriculum Change.
The Problem Of Expertise In Knowledge Societies
Myom: Make Your Own Masters
What Does A Controversy Look Like?
Acsa-Eaae Conference Presentation
Modernism Is Dead, Long Live Modernism
Lessons On Urban Cooperation
Recycling Spaces, Addis-Ababa
La Mémé Experience Of Participatory Design
Ville V Cite
Hellen Levitt’S “In The Street” 1944 Film
Nehru Place Informal It Market, New Delhi
Baby Cages (?!)
Social Cartography
Festinger’S Research On Cognitive Dissonance
Songdo, The Prescriptive Model Of A Smart City
Participatory Budgeting
Porto Alegre, The Coordinative Model Of A Smart City
Resisting Heathrow’S Expansion Through Dwelling
The ‘Parques Biblioteca’: The Colombian Way To Achieving Social Development And Cohesion
Design-Build: Definitions And Criticisms
Garbage Dreams Documentary
Closing The Loop Documentary
Circular Renault
Dutch “Awearness”
The Value Of Detailed Maps At The Neighborhood Level
Vetements@Harrods: Establishing New Ethics For Clothes Production
The Many Faces Of Sustainability
Saskia Sassen: The Global City
The Embassy Of Circular & Biobased Building & The Growing Pavilion
Wikkelhouse | Fiction Factory
Blu Marble V Finch3d
Architecture And Silence, By Christos P. Kakalis
Oslo Architecture Triennale, Enough: The Architecture Of Degrowth
Cedrik Price: The Architecture Of The Individual And Its Social Relatedness, The Mcappy Project
Overview On Bio-Based Building Material Made With Plant Aggregate By S. Amziane & M. Sonebi
Light As A Service: The ‘Pay-Per-Lux’ System
Tour Of The Monuments Of Passaic, By Robert Smithson
The Hannover Principles
Happy Holidays To You All!
The City Of Being, The City Of Doing And The City Of Becoming
Local Agenda 21
Full Circle Collaborative
What Has Happened After La21?
Akwé: Kon (“Ahgwégoh”) Or "Everything In Creation"
The Circular Economy Concept In Design Education
Clic: Circular Models Leveraging Investments In Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse
Bes, The Italian System For Measuring Well-Being
Studio One
What Philosophers Think About Covid19 Measures
Stephen Downe'S Quick Tech Guide For Creating Online Work Sessions And Courses
Building A Treehouse In Tzoumerka!
Rehabilitation As Reconciliation
Martin Cherry'S Statements For Listing 20th Century Buildings
Denmark'S Plan For Going Circular
Herbert Girardet: Regenerative Cities Versus Petropolis
Schoonschip Amsterdam
Architectural Education On The Internet And The Constitution Of The Learning Subject Within The Extended Communities Of Knowledge (Phd Thesis, Available For Download)
Notes From Peder Anker’S ‘The Closed World Of Ecological Architecture’
Lca-Lci-Lcia According To En Iso 14040:2006
Happy Easter!
The Amsterdam City Doughnut
The ‘Disrupted Classes, Undisrupted Learning’ Program
The Second Globalization Debate, An Interview With Antony Giddens (29/01/2000)
Investigating Culture In Lcas
From Denial To Acceptance: A Turning Point For Design Studio In Architecture Education By James Benedict Brown
On Design And Politics
The Diagram, By Lois Papadopoulos
On “Digital Learning Environments, The Science Of Learning And The Relationship Between The Teacher And The Learner”
Brain(S) To Brain(S)
What Does An Ecologically Sensitive And Socially Just Ce Look Like? (Part Two)
What Does An Ecologically Sensitive And Socially Just Ce Look Like? (Part One)
Competition Culture Europe/ Greece
Definitions Revisited
The Mirroring Effect In Education
Tu Delft Mooc: Circularity In The Built Environment Is Open Again At Edx!
Design After Design
“Circular Building Products For A Sustainable Built Environment” Profed Course, Launches October 7.
Emotional Learning Design
Horizon2020 Program Sophia: First Research Findings
The Systems Innovation Platform
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays To All You!
Ear36 – Format Matters
The Whole Earth Catalog And The Well: Back To The Future
Associology Uncertainties
What Is Community?
Science-Technology-Society (Sts) Research
Phd Position – Circular Community Challenges
James Wines: “Future Architecture Should Become Invisible”
Digital Citizenship, Digital Rights And Digital Literacy
‘The Privacy Paradox’ By D.J. Solove
Sophia Deliverable: D1.2
Competition Culture In Europe 2017-2020
All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
The Dora Declaration
Circular Building Products Profed, Starts March 31!
The Double Life Of Modernism
E-Waste/ Death Waste
Relaunch Of Circular Building Products For A Sustainable Built Environment, March 31
Emergence & Complexity Lecture
Great Women Figures In Science: Barbara Mcclintock
Review On “Critiques Of The Ce” Paper
Winter School On Circularity In The Built Environment
Systemic Thinking

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