6 Truths Of Effective Teachers
ioannouolga, connecting data to information to knowledge, Feb 17, 2019
View Their Teaching As A Science And An Art: methodologies change, they are not inflexible Are Students of their Students: effective educators go deeper, they know their students on a personal level Challenge All Students: the brain is malleable and hungers for challenge. Evidence shows that students, even those that may be struggling, rise to […]
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I don’t know if it’s just these six , or six of the many, but I agree with all of them in principal. As far as the second principle is concerned (becoming the student of the student) for me it doesn’t necessarily mean getting to know your students in depth, but more of being open to change because of them. i think tutors are constantly challenged by their students and therefore they too can revise the way they perceive their knowledge domain or their reality.

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