Opensource Apps For Educators

Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily, Dec 03, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Nov 30, 2018 I explored this after the link was passed along to me on Mastodon. The idea is that you can log into the service and quickly launch any of a large number of open source applications. It was set up by a group of people in British Columbia (Grant Potter, Tannis Morgan Brian Lamb, Clink Lalonde. The choices range from RocketChat to EtherPad to Wordpress and more. I signed in with Google, click once to open the app marketplace, and clicked one more time to install and launch a fully functioning WordPress site. The service runs on Sandstorm, an open source application, and you can install your own version for your own school or university. Here's what Grant Potter says, "If we did not have Sandstorm, we would be significantly limited in the range of applications we could offer to BC faculty and be burdened by layers of required administrative and technical oversight." Lovely. For more on this whole idea, read this page about Open ETC. Brian Lamb comments, "We have gotten this underway in a low-key, organic way... but we're growing steadily and we have some cool stuff seeded and ready to sprout." Web: [Direct Link] [This Post]
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