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This week we'll be talking to Tony Hirst from the Open University. I've been following Tony's work with the cloud and cloud-based data for a number of years now. Be prepared for fascinating! View the activity and add it to your calendar, and join us in the Activity Centre at noon (Eastern) Wednesday.


We have two tasks to choose from for this week:
  1. Subscribe to the course feeds - using the feed reader of your choice (here's a selection) use the course OPML file (here it is) to subscribe to the course feeds. To get a badge you'll need to show you've done this, maybe by writing a blog post).
  2. Create a task - using a blog or some other sort of online application, create a task for participants in this course. You can do this any time through to the end of the course, so be sure to specify which course module it applies to (if you are not providing a feed to be harvested, you can email the url to me (I'll be setting up a 'task submission form' soon).

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A course RSS feed is now available. Now you don't need to read the newsletter or even visit the website - you can take this course from the comfort of your own feed reader, WordPress, gRSShopper application, or whatever. Here it is: https://el30.mooc.ca/course_newsletter.xml


E Learning 3.0, A Mooc For The Future
tokyokevin, kevinryan.com,

I have been working at the intersection of language teaching and technology for almost 30 years (had to know when it started, the connection). One of the best influences I have discovered, following the sharing of new content in the Tokyo PC Users Group (an excellent learning experience), was a MOOC. I was a member … Continue reading "E Learning 3.0, A MOOC for the Future"

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E-Learning 3.0 – Conversation With Shelly Blake-Plock
Frank, Doin’ Stuff,

“Technology is easy, Culture is a bitch” Col. Bob Reddy DARPA Program Manager. From my distant past efforts in implementing new technologies into training, education products, Bob’s words echoed into the present as I reflected on Stephen’s and Shelly’s conversation. In the year plus that I have interacted with Shelly with his IEEE LTSC xAPI … Continue reading "E-Learning 3.0 – Conversation with Shelly Blake-Plock"

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#El30 Week 2 Clouds And Jupyter
x28, EL30 – x28's new Blog,

I first encountered the idea of a cloud when we drew pictures of our computer networks. Now the week's synopsis talks about redefining what we mean by concepts such as ‘textbooks’. I have long been fascinated by the idea of such interactive resources.
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