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Content Addressable Resources for Education

Today I published the first official 'Content Addressable Resource for Education' (CARE). To be truthful, it's like any other resource published on the distributed web, but I wanted to mark the occasion as signifying the beginning of a transition to a new type of educational resource, and thus to all the changes in our understanding of open educational resources and open pedagogy that will follow from that. For those of you who have a Beaker Browser working, here it is:


This was the most complex and difficult of the Modules in the course thus far, and this fact is reflected in the feature article summarizing this week's deliberations. I am thankful to both by guests this week, Sukaina Walji and Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, as well as the posts written by course participants, which were integral in telling me what to focus on and how to structure the article.


E-Learning 3.0, Part 5 - Resources
Stephen Downes, 2018/11/25


#El30 – Resources Task
daveymoloney, Davey Moloney, 2018/11/25

This week, Stephen tasked us with creating a Content-Addressed Resource on the distributed web or Dweb. Create a resource (for example, a web page) using IPFS, Beaker Browser, Fritter, or any other distributed web application (see some of the examples here). Provide a link to the resource using any method you wish.To help prepare for … Continue reading "#EL30 – Resources Task"

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One-Click Publishing With The Beaker Browser (On The Distributed Web)
dogtrax, EL30 – Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/11/25

I like that along with learning about the potential of the peer-to-peer Distributed Web concept in our EL30 course, with Stephen Downes, he is also providing us with ways to engage with the DWeb concept. One of his suggestions is to use the Beaker Browser, which is a peer-to-peer browser using a technical underpinning called […]

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Open Educational Resources And The Distributed Web
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/11/25

In this video, posted for the fifth week of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC, Stephen Downes makes the case for open education. He claims that open education can change the world and is a kind of social literacy that can transform… Continue reading →

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Failing To Create A Content Addressed Resource For The E-Learning 3.0 Mooc
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/11/25

Montaigne’s opening words in his essay ‘Of Books’, seem so apposite to my experience of trying to engage with the task of creating a content-addressed resource for this week’s E-Learning 3.0 course. I quote them here to serve as a… Continue reading →

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Ralph Broke The Internet; You Should, Too
dogtrax, EL30 – Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/11/25

I took my youngest son to see the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet yesterday and it was enjoyable entertainment with an Internet theme. Not as good as Wreck-It Ralph, the original that surprised with its knowing insider’s look at video game culture, but still, the new movie is plenty of fun with lots of inside […]

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Week 4: Activity – Identity Graph #Identitygraph
lou, learning reflections, 2018/11/25

Week’s 4 activity consisted on creating a graph based on the marketing definition of an identity graph. The rules: without a self-referential node, from your own point of view, and it could be partial. To create my graph, I first thought about how I would describe my online identity, and contrasted that with my online …
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Week 4: Identity – E-Learning 3.0 Mooc #El30
lou, learning reflections, 2018/11/25

This post is part of my reflections on week 4 topic, Identity, on Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 MOOC   #el30. Though the topic got to an end some days ago, I found writing my first blog post a bit daunting, (!). As things are, I am now ready to join in the online conversation.  Initial thoughts This …
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