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Task: Create an Identity Graph

Created: Nov 13, 2018 Due: Nov 16, 2018

Create an Identity Graph

  • We are expanding on the marketing definition of an identity graph. It can be anything you like, but with one stipulation: your graph should not contain a self-referential node titled 'me' or 'self' or anything similar

  • Think of this graph as you defining your identity, not what some advertiser, recruiter or other third party might want you to define.

  • Don't worry about creating the whole identity graph - focusing on a single facet will be sufficient. And don't post anything you're not comfortable with sharing. It doesn't have to be a real identity graph, just an identity graph, however you conceive it.

Optional: consider some of these questions about your identity graph:

  • What is the basis for the links in your graph: are they conceptual, physical, causal, historical, aspirational?

  • Is your graph unique to you? What would make it unique? What would guarantee uniqueness?

  • How (if at all) could your graph be physically instantiated? Is there a way for you to share your graph? To link and/or intermingle your graph with other graphs?

  • What's the 'source of truth' for your graph?