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Into the Last Few Days

I haven't posted a Task for this module because I sense that everybody is bogged down with travel, attempted travel, marking, or other work that has piled up. There's a lot to be said about agency... but maybe we need to save some of it for the next offering of this course. Meanwhile, though, I've made a video about the experience that motivated this module.

One Final Live Conversation

Let's wrap up the course with an online conversation anyone can join. When? I've set a default time but I'd rather set a time by consensus. This page is open for editing. Join in and help decide when to wrap up and celebrate the end of the course.


What Peace Means to Me Dec 20, 2018 video The only path toward peace and freedom from authoritarianism is the path that leads toward the creation and maintenance of the civil society. The just society. The caring society. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_8KGLZwmWA&t=134s


E-Learning 3.0, Part 8 - Experience
Stephen Downes, 2018/12/20


Teaching Agency In A Technology-Infused World
dogtrax, Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/12/19

Agency is a word I find I use a lot in different settings and yet, I struggle to frame the concept of empowerment for my young students in the classroom. As we near the end of E-Learning 3.0, Stephen has us thinking of the concept of “agency” in terms of learning in a distributed information […]

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Elearning And Identity
noreply@blogger.com (Apostolos K. ("AK")), Multilitteratus Incognitus, 2018/12/20

A week or so ago...well...maybe two weeks by now♣, the topic of eLearning 3.0 was identity, and the video guest of the week was Maha Bali.  I finally managed to view all of it, even though it was in 10 minute increments. My Pocket's save-for-later is getting rather lengthy now that I am saving articles on the daily to read at some other future time. This time of the semester is rather busy, so I guess that's my disclaimer for this post: I am only commenting on the video and points that were brought up.

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